Winning King Derby Fish Turned In At Clover Pass Resort

Robert Cunningham, of Nampa, Idaho, won the 63rd Annual Ketchikan CHARR King Salmon Derby with a 42.4-lb king turned in at the Clover Pass Resort weigh-in station. The winner was during the second weekend of the three-weekend event. Cunningham, fishing with family that lives in Ketchikan, hooked into his fish early Saturday, June 5. Cunningham fought the fish to the boat one time before it stripped the reel, taking at least as much line and Cunningham had already reeled in. By the second time the fish reached the boat Cunningham had successfully tired the fish and the winner was netted. Knowing that the fish was a potential leader, Cunningham and crew pulled their gear and made their way the 1/2 mile down the shore to the Clover Pass Resort dock, one of four weigh-in stations for the derby. Cunningham’s entry bested Jessie Embree’s 39.3 lb leader by 3.1 pounds. Cunningham’s fish had a cash value of $10,063, in addition to a $250 picture poster of the winning catch! Congratulations, Robert! What a catch!

Robert Cunningham's Winning 42.4-lb King

Robert Cunningham’s Winning 42.4-lb King

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