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What To Pack

Our all inclusive packages included everything you need to fish, lodge and dine.  You'll still want to bring personal items and get the fishing license that fits your needs.

Fishing License - You can purchase a fishing license online.  Don't forget to get a King Salmon stamp if you want to keep any King Salmon you catch -  You can also buy your license at our pro shop when you arrive.

Warm Clothes – Our summer temperatures may seem chilly to you if you are from a warmer, drier climate. An early morning breeze on the ocean can be quite cool and uncomfortable if you are not properly dressed. We recommend the “layered” approach that allows you to add layers or take away layers as the temperature and wind change. More than anything we want you to be prepared and comfortable during your stay with us.

Footwear – Waterproof footwear is highly recommended. Even on dry days, feet have a tendency to get wet in the boat. A light pair of rubber boots or waterproof hiking boots are adequate. An extra pair of tennis or deck shoes will be useful around the lodge and on the dock. Many of our staff wear Crocs in good weather or light rain.

Raingear – Our lodges and fishing guides are happy to provide raingear for our guests. Because Ketchikan gets over 13 feet of rain each year, you’re likely to get rained on at some point during your stay. Waterproof gloves are not provided and are recommended for our guests prone to cold hands. Many guests will still bring their own rain gear that they prefer.

Personal Items – You will need to bring your own personal toiletry items. If you happen to forget something there is a store close by. If you require medication please remember to have an adequate amount for your stay.

Cameras – Whatever you do, do not forget your cameras. This is your weapon against all those friends that don’t believe your fish stories. You will want to make sure you have weatherproofing cases or the camera is not waterproof.

Snacks- We provide an array of snacks and soft drinks.  You still may want to bring your favorite candy or chips or whatever you want.

Alcohol- Only Clover Pass Resort serves Alcohol. We do not serve alcohol at Silver King Lodge or The Cedars Lodge, but you can bring your own drinks if you so desire.

Tipping funds- We have some incredible people who make all this happen.  The service your receive will be top notch and we are a strong believer that tips are earned and not automatic.  Please keep in mind our staff rely on tips and are fully aware it is based on their quality of service.

Clover Pass Alaska Fishing
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