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Tips for Taking Better Fishing Photos

This may seem like such a silly thing to think about or read about, but in all reality what do you have once the fishing trip is over and you’ve released your catch back into the water or dropped it into the cooler? Your “Big Catch” photo is what you have. That is your proof, your bragging rights right there, so why not make the photo perfect? We say that you should take the perfect fishing photo for memories sake and of course the bragging rights.

Not only does it give you your bragging rights, but the main point of a photo is to be able to relive those memories and moments. The photo is supposed to remind you of the fight and all the strength you put into catching that fish. A photo can almost set your brain off to feel all those feelings again, and relive the moment! So of course you would want the best picture possible.

So let’s gets to it. Here are some tips to help you take the best fishing photos:

Fill The Frame

When taking a fishing photo, you should try to fill the frame with the angler and the fish. Encourage the angler to smile as well. If there is a beautiful backdrop, use it! The only exception to not fill the frame with the angler and fish would be if the background is captivating, at that point still try to fill most of the frame with the angler and his fish all while getting the backdrop in.

Sun To Back

When you’re photographing the angler and his catch you want to be sure the sun in at your back, this way the anglers face and their fish will be lit up well. This can be tricky since you also do not want to get your shadow in the photo, so be sure to angle yourself to where your shadow will not affect the photo.


Say you do not have a very scenic and beautiful backdrop, or you want to use a different one. Try to find a backdrop that use contrasting colors and textures. If you absolutely cannot find a decent backdrop, it will be even more important to fill the frame with the angler and the fish.

Keep It Alive

If you are catching and releasing, be sure the angler is keeping the catch in the water until they begin taking the photos. Not only will this keep the fish alive, but the fish will look a lot better right out of the water, colors more vibrant and lively, rather than dull and dry looking. If you are trying to take a lot of photos, then make sure you take about 5 photos then put the fish back in the water, then take it out again to take more.

Capture It All

One thing that really makes those memories come back is seeing the whole process over again. Not only is the catch important to photograph, but capturing the whole process is just as important. Make sure once the angler hooks a fish that you start clicking! Hero shots equal more bragging rights!

Hopefully these tips will help you capture those memories perfectly on your next fishing trip!

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