Ketchikan Fishing Minute July 2, 2015


As a new feature on our blog, we will be updating our followers on how the fishing has been in and around Ketchikan over the past week. This update covers the final week of June. Check back each Thursday for the latest news! Post your comments below if there is something specific you would like a future Fishing Minute to focus on!


  1. Ken Jakubek says

    What is the trolling device in front of the flasher? Do you guys ever use Dipsey Divers to run your lures down and away from the boat? I am a trolling guy that mainly fishes Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

    • Hi Ken –

      That is a diving weight called a Deep Six, made by Luhr Jensen. Other diving weights, like Dipsy Divers, work as well, but I prefer the Deep Six.

      Thanks for your comment.


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