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Ketchikan Fishing Minute - July 11, 2021

Catch up with what's happening at Alaska Sportfishing Expeditions in Ketchikan, Alaska. Week of July 11, 2021.

Welcome back to another edition of the Ketchikan fishing minute for the week of July 11th, 2021.

This week saw a bit of a slowdown in the fishing after really strong catch rates through the first week of July. 

Although the temperature dropped back into our average July temperatures in the 60s, we still went the entire week with almost no rain. 

Salmon used freshwater markers to hone in on their stream of origin. 

Little rainfall and low river flow make it more difficult for them to track back to the rivers, where they'll spawn. 

This can affect fishing as the salmon mill up in outer waters waiting for nature to tell them where to go. 

With the salmon fishing slowing up a little bit, some of our guests took an opportunity to seek after some bottom fish.

Guests at silver king lodge found some pelagic rockfish, lingcod, and pacific cod in addition to a few halibut.

Clover pass resort guests and brothers Ryan and Troy Thompson scheduled a fishing trip this week with their sons Cody, Ty and Gage.

Their outing to find some lingcod was a success but unsatisfied with catching fish Cody decided to hook his own hand! 

Ending the afternoon's outing and landing him a trip to the ketchikan emergency room.

We're happy to report that even a trip to the er, didn't dampen the group's spirits. 

We've been very happy to see more and more families taking advantage of the great outdoors and a new generation of fishermen and women coming up through the ranks.

Barry Hill and his wife Tamara along with their kids Hunter and Ella spent the week fishing and exploring around clover pass resort. 

Barry is a professional photographer who is responsible for many of the promotional images, ASE uses in its advertising. 

He's always messing around with angles and aperture in hopes of getting a unique shot. 

He sent us this sneak peek which gets us pretty excited to get our hands on the portfolio from this year's trip.

We can't wait to share those photos with you all in the future. 

Guests from the Cedars lodge also continue to find fish, while fishing with guides this week to round out our family theme. 

We'll give you a sneak peek of the catch enjoyed by Mike Bain and his boys while out fishing with Captain Cable Campbell.

It's been a few years since Mike visited the Cedars lodge with his brothers and so we were excited to see him again this year and to get a chance to meet his boys. 

Whether it's raining or the sun shining, whether you're fishing with friends or fishing with family, whether you hook a halibut or even your finger, if it's at ASE resort, we might just capture it right here on our next Ketchikan fishing minute. 

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