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Alaska Sportfishing Expeditions Assists Oregon Youth on Texas Hunt!

Through the work of the Washington Outdoor Adventure Foundation, Natalie Hill recently found herself on elk hunt in Texas. Natalie, of Coos Bay, Oregon, first developed cancer in her right knee. After removal of her right leg, Natalie was fitted with a new knee and prosthetic leg. Unfortunately, the cancer then spread to Natalie’s lungs.

The Washington Outdoor Adventure Foundation was contacted in December and told that Natalie’s dream was to harvest a nice elk. The Foundation contacted many hunting operations in Washington, Oregon, and other neighboring states before finding a ranch in Texas that could host the hunt on very short notice. Alaska Sportfishing Expeditions was able to assist in fulfilling Natalie’s dream by sharing the expense of the hunt with the ranch, the Washington Outdoor Adventure Foundation, and others.

The hunt was a great success! In addition to the 7-6 Bull Elk that Natalie took down, she was also able to harvest a gemsbok. After five or six stalks, Natalie was able to put the animal down with a terrific shot!

The Outdoor Adventure Foundation provides hunting and fishing adventures for children under the age of 18 and young adults under the age of 25 with cancer or other life threatening illness. They also provide hunting and fishing adventures for disabled veterans under the age of 40 that are wheelchair bound caused by injury during active service or who have lost a limb during active service. The hunts include big game hunts such as deer, elk, moose, bear and also small game including duck, goose, pheasant and quail. The fishing trips are fresh and saltwater species of many kinds including bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie, salmon, halibut trout and others.

Alaska Sportfishing Expeditions is proud to have helped Natalie realize a dream, and proud to support organizations like the Outdoor Adventure Foundation.

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