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fishing lodges in alaska“Quite simply the best!” is how our guests describe the phenomenal fishing they experience during their stay with us. Some of the finest fishing for trophy alaska king salmon, acrobatic silver salmon, pink and chum salmon as well as giant pacific halibut, ling cod, red snapper and many other species of alaska fishingdelectable bottom fish can be found at an A.S.E. Resort!

Southeast Alaska’s vast, unspoiled landscape and natural beauty attracts visitors from all over the world, but it is the incredible fishing that brings anglers flocking for an unforgettable vacation adventure. Our cold, rich, plankton filled waters provide the ideal habitat for huge schools of bait fish seeking shelter among the secluded bays and kelp beds found throughout this region. And where you find plentiful bait you’re sure to find hungry predators! In the Spring and early Summer, migrating King Salmon from all over the west coast gorge themselves on this abundant food supply before returning to their home streams to spawn. Each fisherman is required to possess an Alaska Fishing License and a King Salmon Stamp while fishing in the state. Licenses and stamps are available at the A.S.E. Resorts.

Nearby Cape Chacon has a long tradition of extraordinary fishing and it’s an area coveted by local commercial trollers and adventurous sportsmen alike. Anglers in the know return here year after year for spectacular catches. Although a bit off the beaten track, our guides spend the extra time to reach this area and their guests are rewarded with amazing catches of salmon, halibut, ling cod and more!

Alaska Fish Availability Chart

Alaskan Fish Species Availability Chart

This chart is based on previous experience and is only a rough guide. Actual fishing during any given week may vary due to water conditions, fish runs, weather, or other natural causes.

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