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Ketchikan, Alaska Fishing Lodge- Clover Pass Resort
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“My wife never liked fishing, never like anything about fishing. We came to Alaska the first time on a cruise ship. I spent my time in Ketchikan on a fishing charter while my wife shopped. We both really liked Ketchikan and wanted to make another trip where we could spend more time there.

A friend recommended Silverking Lodge, where he spent a week each September, or Clover Pass Resort, owned by the same family. Shareen and I decided to visit Clover Pass Resort, because the town was more accessible. She brought her paints and brushes along, since she planned on spending her time relaxing and painting the scenery. I did get her to agree to spend “just one day” fishing with me.

We hopped into one of the little skiffs and headed out from the dock. We put our poles in the water and started trolling near the resort. It wasn’t long before a Silver hit her line. Of course, she caught the first fish! Needless to say, she was hooked. I don’t know if she ever did any painting on that trip.

Now she loves fishing, always holding her pole because she likes the feeling when the fish strike. We see a lot of wildlife out in the boat. A humpback whale surfaced no farther than 30 feet from us on one trip.

We’ve gone back to Clover Pass every year since. Now our family joins us each year too.”

– George Keller

“Each year, a large group of us get together for a week at Clover Pass Resort. This group dates back nearly 40 years to a man named Terry Thompson. Terry was an insurance broker in Seattle with clients not only all over the state of Washington, but also in Nevada, Oklahoma, California, and other states. Many of these clients composed the first group so many years ago.

I was invited into the group about 10 years ago. I come back each year for the fishing, the fellowship, and the food (and lodging!), all of which are excellent each year. Of course, we take home a lot of fish. By the time we arrive during the second week of September, the Coho have been out longer, have fed longer, and have put on more weight. We regularly catch Silvers in the 12 to 15 pound range, always hoping for a twenty pounder! One year, a member of our group caught a 23 lb Coho! A group will often split off for some halibut fishing during our stay as well.

Of course, wildlife is everywhere. This year, a family of elephant seals was present near the resort through our whole stay. Orcas, humpbacks, and sea lions are often spotted nearby. In fact, a pod of orcas stretched across the canal at one point. There were estimates of at least 50 orcas in the pod. All I know is the line of whales stretched for what looked like a full mile or more.

Unfortunately, Terry passed away a few years ago. The following year, we held a memorial service for him on the water and scattered his ashes in the Canal north of the resort. Every year our group gathers in Ketchikan, it is a small tribute to the man who put this all together.

– Wyatt Cone

“Some years ago, my husband and I realized Clover Pass Resort offered what we were looking for: mooring for our boat, space for our motorhome, and most importantly, abundant seafood in nearby locations. Each year we go crabbing, clamming, and fishing for salmon and halibut! We enjoy the bounty of the sea and especially the friendly, helpful personnel at Clover Pass Resort.”

– Kitty & Raibourn McGee



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