Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska – Salmon Capital of the World

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There is just something about spending a relaxing day fishing the pristine waters of Alaska, with little to worry about but what you have on the hook and the topic of conversation. Time on the boat trolling or fly-fishing an elevated lake is time spent relaxing and reconnecting with friends, family, and nature.

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Experiences are what make the tapestry of life rich in detail, with things we’ve done and experienced that connect the threads of our existence on a level that binds us together with the world around us. In Alaska, legends are born, stories told, and experiences that will be talked about for generations are lived. It doesn’t matter if you are saltwater fishing along Alaska’s Inside Passage or fly-fishing one of the state’s three million lakes, sharing the experience of landing that trophy king salmon or halibut with family and friends are the moments that are worth more than the gold Alaska is famous for.

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Don’t just take a trip to another prepackaged over-crowed venue with cattle chutes and plastic characters. Get away from the frenzy and noise, and enjoy what fishing in Alaska has to offer. We offer three excellent lodge fishing experiences in the Ketchikan Alaska area. You’re bound to find exactly what you are looking for at one of these lodges!

Our fishing lodges in Ketchikan, Alaska offer excellent fishing packages, each with a unique experience. For guided saltwater or freshwater fishing, look no further than The Cedars Lodge. For a purely self-guided expedition, Silverking Lodge is your destination. And if you want to customize your experience, with some guided fishing and some self-guided, spend some time with us at Clover Pass Resort. Now is the perfect time to schedule your fishing trip!

fishing lodge in alaskaLocated at the southern end of Alaska’s panhandle, the Ketchikan area is home to vast schools of Pacific salmon on their way to their home streams to spawn. Since it is a gathering point for all five species of Pacific salmon, Ketchikan has earned the nickname “Salmon Capital of the World.” Our three fishing lodges are right in the middle of the action.

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Ketchikan is Alaska’s most convenient destination to reach, just a short 90 minute flight north from Seattle. In addition, the community is served by the Alaska Marine Highway System, a ferry service that connects Ketchikan to Bellingham, Washington and Prince Rupert, Canada, as well as the rest of the state. Our Alaskan fishing lodges are nestled in excellent locations in the Ketchikan area. Most anglers are able to get a line in the water on the day they arrive!

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